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  • You Don't Fall Out of the Universe

    Surviving the loss of our son by

    A hybrid of memoir and poetry, You Don’t Fall Out of the Universe navigates what one family endures before and after the unimaginable loss of a son. With quiet moments of heartache and resilience, Jewett shows the strength in being vulnerable. If ...

  • Look Ma, No Hands


    On Saturday, June 27th, 2020, after 105 days of Covid-isolation alone in my tiny, single-souled apartment in Toronto, I took off on my old Raleigh bicycle, packing nothing but some bike tools, camping gear, and a change of clothes. In search of some ...

  • Gross Misconduct

    Hitting From Behind by

    A Mother’s Love Story Tragedy Courage Resilience Hope “One cold winter’s day, my life’s trajectory tragically and unimaginably changed in an instant... forever!” - Tracy Stark, Mother of Radek and Ryder Early on a Monday morning in December 2016, ...

  • The Search for The Unicorn

    A dream of love through mental illness by

    Thought-provoking and emotionally moving, The Search for the Unicorn is a memoir recounting the months before and after the tragic suicide of the author’s partner. The work integrates his thoughts with her writings to tell the brief yet profound and ...

  • Creeks and Crises

    Then and Now by

    Hank Neufeld has published an intriguing memoir which covers his early life as well as his retirement years. His boyhood, a time of confusion and surprising pleasures, hardly prepares him for his future, although Nature plays a wonderfully-intuitive ...

  • Digital Executor®

    Unraveling the New Path for Estate Planning by

    The world has gone digital and so have our clients’ estates. Digital assets may simply be electronic records, but they are the digital gateway to our lives. They are our memories, our money, and our records, making technology the new player at the ...

  • Heavenly Seas

    A Memoir by

    One in four. These are the odds for pregnancy and infant loss. In the weeks and months following her daughter Kailani’s death, LaCara Biddles encountered multiple layers of grief that had to be navigated to facilitate her healing. Many of these ...

  • Executor Help

    How to Settle an Estate Pick an Executor and Avoid Family Fights by

    David Edey wants to save you a lot of trouble! In this self-help book he clearly, concisely, and repeatedly explains why it is important that every individual appoint an executor of their estate; what it means to be an executor of an estate; and how ...

  • Storm Orphan

    A Memoir by

    When Marsha Barrett is six years old, her mother dies of cancer. The youngest of three sisters in a Jewish family, she goes through a turbulent youth during the 1960s and 1970s, rebelling against her demanding and often absent father. Barrett ...

  • Concerts and Sparkling Lights


    This is a story of one woman’s journey through the first year of grief. Sally Lennerton Parker started a diary the day after losing her husband of thirty two years. She shares this diary in Concerts and Sparkling Lights.