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  • Anne-Josèphe

    A Stage Play by

    Anne-Josèphe: A Stage Play brings to life the historic Anne-Josèphe Théroigne de Méricourt, a commonly overlooked revolutionary who fought for liberty and equality for women during the French Revolution. Bold and passionate about effecting change, ...

  • Behind the Damage


    When 22-year-old Shawn gets fired from his job at a Toronto magazine, he decides to go undercover as a homeless person in hopes to earn the professional success he craves. Shawn takes to living on the streets to write a first-hand exposé about the ...

  • Paris of the Pacific Northwest

    Eleven Stories and a Play by

    Paris of the Pacific Northwest will appeal to a wide range of readers, especially those who enjoy the short story genre. This collection of eleven stories and a play are quick and clever reads. Collectively, the works are bound by themes of the ...

  • The Soul Doctrine


    Joe Thomas wants to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Baptist pastor, but finds minefields in controlling his fleshly passions and struggles to follow the path into spiritual maturity. Follow Joe’s journey through high school, learning to be a ...

  • The Space Between


    The Space Between is the story of a young boy from South Africa who falls in love with a young American girl while abroad, only to be separated from her on his family’s return to South Africa. Set against the historical backdrop of apartheid, the ...

  • The Dark Road Of Evil


    In this new heart-pounding murder mystery, Annie Morrison and Jake Simpson find themselves in a web of deceit and danger. Annie is asked to go to Kingman, Arizona to identify the bodies of her parents who were on their annual vacation to Las Vegas. ...