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  • Linear Perspective SIMPLY PUT

    The "It Factor" All Too Often Overlooked by

    Whether you’re an artist or designer, student or professional, author Rene Thibault’s practical guide expertly outlines how combining linear perspective with artistic license can be a valuable reference tool in visualizing three-dimensional forms. ...

  • 107 Illustrations

    Imagination in Minimalism by

    Made with a subtle style 107 Illustrations is sure to please and delight anyone who likes to laugh and wonder about the ordinary things around them. Simple, clean and mixed with scenes of the unusual bumping into the usual. It is balanced with a ...

  • Colour Me Perfect

    Fashion Coloring Book by

    Do you love modern fashion and design? Do you enjoy playing with color, and exploring what different colors say about your personal style? Then you’ll love Color Me Perfect. Sara Eshak is a designer and illustrator who has brought her popular ...