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  • Team Stryker Volume 001


    Team Stryker Volume 001 collects the first five issues of the ground breaking webcomic, Team Stryker. Started as a webcomic in 2012, Team Stryker focuses on the adventures of four overly American soldiers Eagleheart, Deadeye, Casanova and V-Scope. ...

  • The Herd

    Volume 1 part 1 by

    Can one family save the world from a pandemic… and “The Pack” CEO Fox Canidae isn’t having a good day. With his beautiful wife, a (reasonably) well-behaved kid and Foxy Fruits, his bazillion-dollar fruit juice company (the backbone of Maple City’s ...

  • Scull Volume 2


    Torn from home, Kyra, a young farm girl, heads for the only place she has left, Cobblestone Crossing, where she hopes to get help from her dear friend, Tummus. She is accompanied by her titanic new ally, Stompy, who is seemingly made from the earth ...

  • Zeal & The United


    9/11 was with answered with an unlawful Invasion. It was mistake that will haunt the globe for generations. Post Invasion Iraq is now in chaos! American intervention has become a bastion on the Cradle of Civilization. The only hope for the Middle ...

  • Man Power: Birth of the Supermen


    What if World War II never really ended? A secret German Army, the Iron Cross, existed. Not even Hitler knew of them. Yet the Iron Cross succeeded in cloning humans and was tasked with raising an army of supermen. Hiding their submersible base in ...

  • Planet Pome-Granite


    A bright graphic novel about the adventures and discoveries of the people of the future, Planet Pome-Granite will bring its readers on a journey from a land of fear and monotony to a world of childlike wonder and play! Planet Hindsight is full of ...