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  • Cold Heart Beats


    The snow falls. The glaciers march. The angels watch, ever silent. After years of fighting, the Civil War comes to an end, the Coalition victorious. A new government forms, industry prospers, the people of Arrem begin to heal. But some scars never ...

  • Beyond!


    After the head of the wealthy Baz family dies, his son Tibbs finds himself in the center of a mystery involving conspiracies and supernatural forces. What follows is a surreal adventure across realities, dreams, and the afterlife. There’s an entire ...

  • The Herd

    Volume 1 Part 2 by

    Maple City is in chaos with its citizens obtaining strange and uncontrollable powers after drinking Foxy Fruits new juice. Since Professor Doctor Monkey-Shine accidentally contaminated the juice with The Pack's super serum and has now gone missing; ...

  • The Herd

    Volume 1 part 1 by

    Can one family save the world from a pandemic… and “The Pack” CEO Fox Canidae isn’t having a good day. With his beautiful wife, a (reasonably) well-behaved kid and Foxy Fruits, his bazillion-dollar fruit juice company (the backbone of Maple City’s ...

  • Zeal & The United


    9/11 was with answered with an unlawful Invasion. It was mistake that will haunt the globe for generations. Post Invasion Iraq is now in chaos! American intervention has become a bastion on the Cradle of Civilization. The only hope for the Middle ...