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  • Being BRAVE(TM)

    A Journey of Self-Discovery into Leadership by

    Do others think you have it all together, while inside you are struggling with the feeling that you will never be good enough? Perhaps you are thriving in some areas but really struggling in others. Do you wonder how it is possible to do so well in ...

  • Becoming an Enlightened Consultant

    Awakened by Cancer by

    In his successful, forty-year career in the consulting industry, Tom Hilditch never found much time for self-reflection. But all that changed when a frightening medical diagnosis forced him into a prolonged period of quiet time, which coincided with ...

  • How Might We Champion Design Thinking in Your Organization?

    A PRAKTIKEL Guide by

    Are you passionate about the potential of Design Thinking? The creative, collaborative and human centered approach you know your organization needs. Do you struggle to get others to see the potential you see? If so you are a Design Thinking Champion ...

  • The Anatomy of Consumerism

    The Story of Excess, Greed, Self-Indulgence, Wealth Accumulation, Insurmountable Waste, and Environmental Degradation by

    The Anatomy of Consumerism is a story of greed and obsession and consumption. Of waste and environmental degradation. Of destruction and despair. It is the story of being human. In this earnest account of a serious problem in which we are all ...

  • People Above Profit


    It’s not difficult to know the difference between a positive and negative work environment. It’s also not hard to identify what separates a manager from a leader. You cannot see these distinctions in the product a workplace may produce, but you can ...

  • Get F.I.T. Go Far!

    15 Things Leaders Absolutely Must Do to Increase Organizational Performance by

    Identify Your Organization’s Powerful Purpose, Build Solid Teams, and Boost Your Bottom Line This is not a book – it is a powerful tool that will transform your company. Herky Cutler’s approachable style, keen observations, and sixth sense for ...

  • Guerrilla Communications


    Guerrilla Communications explores communications strategies for a 21st Century organization -- the do's and dont's of successful strategic communications. It looks at the role of the Spokesperson, and how s/he should be supported by an organization ...