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  • SimpLEASEity™

    Business owner's guide to winning the game of commercial real estate leasing by

    When it comes to leasing commercial real estate, the landlord is the seasoned pro and you, the typical business owner, are a rank amateur. If you’re a business owner, doctor, lawyer, dentist, mortgage lender, dance studio owner, or entrepreneur and ...

  • The Strawberry Lounge Story

    How I got over my fears, dumped my excuses and opened the business of my dreams, the Motherpreneur way by

    Don't we all have a big, scary dream? Mine was to own a coffee shop in the Caribbean! For seventeen long years I told myself I was either too young, the timing wasn't right, or the money wasn't enough. When I became a mother, starting my own ...

  • Winning the One Man (or Woman) Show

    Owning a Jobness and retiring early! by

    Countless numbers of people dive into the world of self-employment only to discover that they own a job. A few of these brave (or crazy) people grasp the concept of working for retirement, maximizing the best clients and delivering above average ...