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  • Selling Benefits

    Lessons Learned, Voyages Travelled, Stories Shared by

    Lessons Learned - Voyages Travelled - Stories Shared This is not just a book about selling employee benefits, another sales manual or a book about sailing trips and travelling the world. SELLING BENEFITS is all that and more, in an easy and ...

  • Don't Be Bare

    What Every Contractor Needs to Know About Insurance by

    ARE YOU A SMALL TO MID-SIZE CONTRACTOR? If you are, you know that contractors face plenty of risks just completing their work on time and on budget. But what about those risks you’re trusting your insurance policies to cover? Have you ever ...

  • Understanding the Basics of Legal Liability Claims

    An Adjuster's Perspective by

    Legal Precedence at the time when I was adjusting claims in India was not a common consideration. It took me almost six years to get to a stage where I could understand and appreciate the basic concepts underlying legal terms since immigrating to ...

  • Bubble Wrap

    The Benefits Book by

    Bubble Wrap - The Benefits Book was written to assist employers who have or are considering implementing a meaningful employee benefits program for their valued employees. Employee benefits are designed to protect employees and their families from ...

  • Mortgage Smarts


    Mortgage Smarts is a thorough and thoughtful guide to mortgages and house buying across Canada. Each province or territory has different rules and the authors explain the requirements for each, laid out in tables for ease of use. The authors ...

  • Insurance: Concepts & Coverage

    Property, Liability, Life, Health and Risk Management by

    RISK IS UNCERTAINTY AS TO LOSS… RISK IS OMNIPRESENT AND ALL PERVASIVE… INSURANCE PROTECTS AGAINST THE ECONOMIC LOSS CAUSED BY RISK This book provides an actionable approach to the functions of the insurance industry in an easy to use examination of ...