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  • A Past Rescued From Oblivion

    A Self-Portrait of an Audacious Young Woman Defying the Conventions of her Time by

    This book is written in the form of a memoir and covers the events in the life of its author, Vilma Vukelić from her earliest childhood (she was born in 1880) to 15 August 1904, the day her first child, Branko was born. It is a contribution to ...

  • Dreamers Refuse to Be Victims

    Per Ardua ad Astra (From Adversity to the Stars by

    Upheaval. Flight. Terror. Insecurity. Milan Voticky and his family faced all of this when the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939 forced them to escape to Shanghai. Liberated from the Shanghai ghetto in 1945, the Voticky family made their way ...