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    Stories That Justify an Outrageous Hat Collection by

    In March 2020, during the great COVID-19 lockdown, television producer Craig Colby’s work disappeared. He marked the time by wearing a different baseball hat every day, posting a picture with a story about each one on social media. A community of ...

  • War Tourist

    Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent by

    Hilary Brown has filed television reports from every continent except Antarctica. She was once profiled on TVO’s ‘The Agenda’ as ‘Canada’s best-ever female foreign correspondent.’ This embarrasses her. She was one of the last journalists to be ...

  • Madge Watt and the Power of Women Working Together


    Married at 25, widowed at 45, head of an international organization at 65! Madge Watt led an eventful life and a successful career working with women. She had the skills and attitude that would have made her a success anywhere but she chose to ...

  • Red Robinson: The Last Broadcast


    Red Robinson: The Last Broadcast is the sequel to the best-selling Red Robinson: The Last Deejay. It details the legendary Canadian deejay’s last radio broadcast in the summer of 2017, and provides an in-depth look at the careers of his equally ...

  • Hey! Didn't You Used to Be John Dawe?

    True Stories From One of Canada’s NICEST Broadcasters by

    An older and mature readership will remember John Dawe although prompts may be necessary as it has been a decade and a half since he graced the airwaves. But when prompted to remember him for his journalism and charitable work memories take flight ...

  • Cutting Loose


    Two executions behind the forbidding walls of Oakalla prison near Vancouver in 1955. The first a routine hanging, the second a gruesome spectacle. The first is witnessed by an 18-year-old reporter, Peter. The second, some weeks later, turns into a ...

  • The Year I Turned 25

    A Memoir About Sex, Anxiety and a Dog Named She-Devil by

    "I always thought twenty-five was the year I’d finally be grown up, the year the world would finally start taking me seriously, the year I would finally know what I wanted. And yet…” The Year I Turned 25 catalogues the ups and downs of a TV ...

  • Polar Bears and Other Scares

    Adventures of a Freelance Writer by

    Polar Bears and Other Scares is the memoir of Ron Truman, who began freelance writing when bored with his day job. He parlayed his writing ability into a 40-year communications career. Seeking excitement and novelty, he welcomed hazards and avoided ...