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    Stories That Justify an Outrageous Hat Collection by

    In March 2020, during the great COVID-19 lockdown, television producer Craig Colby’s work disappeared. He marked the time by wearing a different baseball hat every day, posting a picture with a story about each one on social media. A community of ...

  • Basketball Country

    A Road Trip Story by

    Basketball Country takes basketball fans on a two-week road trip through the American basketball heartland, covering NBA and college games and hitting basketball museums, famous streetball courts, and historical landmarks along the way. Through ...

  • Lawyer on Wheels


    Lawyer on Wheels is part travelogue, part adventure and part biography. Most of all, it is a book about bicycling, written by a man whose life has been inextricably linked with this pastime. The author has spent most of his life touring the world, ...

  • Inspired

    Healing Journeys from Hockey and Beyond by

    Nine athletes. Nine inspiring stories of adversity overcome. People in sports are in it to win it. That means fighting for success on their playing field of choice—but it also sometimes means overcoming challenges in their own lives. The nine ...

  • The Boy from World's End

    A Memoir by

    The Boy from World’s End is a detailed and honest account of the life and experiences of David Smith. The book traces David’s early education in England, focusing on his experiences of wartime evacuation and life in a remote rural setting at a place ...

  • Visionary

    The Ernie Gare Story by

    It’s not surprising if you’ve never heard of Ernie Gare; the man behind innovations that paved the way for many Canadians to pursue their athletic dreams without sacrificing education cared more about the future of the athletes and the sports than ...

  • Queen Of the Cinder Track

    The Life and Times of Rosa Margueretta Grosse by

    When Rosa Grosse first ran at the Canadian National Exhibition's Athletic Day in 1923 she never imagined the heights she would reach in the sport of sprinting. Already known as a fine basketball player, she became a world record holder and arguably ...

  • Over-Time

    The untold and surprising story of the Rebels, One of Canada's longest-lasting amateur, adult hockey teams by

    In today's sport's world, the modern day athlete has attained rock-star status. To those who are legends and well deserving of their status, we give accolades. All too often however, we hear about those who cheat, use illegal drugs or disrespect ...

  • Memories of A Country Boy


    You are the creator of your destiny. With these words, Victor Allman sums up his life story. This book tells of the many challenges he encountered and how he dealt with them. Allman proceeds from the view that all challenges are surmountable if ...