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  • Biełarusian Fine Art: Time and Time Again

    Origin, History, Discourse, and Biographies by

    It’s hard to imagine feeling a sense of loss for artwork until you become immersed in the stories of the Biełarusian fine artists Dr. Zina Gimpelevich has spotlighted in her newest book. She brought to life artists whose work was curtailed under the ...

  • Peetakvik

    Inuit Arts and Crafts: History for the Future by

    This is your invitation to find how, during the 1960s and 70s, a settler’s perspective shaped his view of what happened from his firsthand experiences, what he learned and what he did for better or worse. Then, reading on, learn how government ...

  • Romanesque Sculpture An Ecstatic Art


    Architectural sculpture, virtually abandoned for five hundred years following the demise of the Roman Empire, was revivified on the portals of Romanesque churches in eleventh and twelfth-century France and Spain. Long overdue is a reappraisal of ...