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  • Keywords
    • Coast to Coast Walk,
    • walk across England,
    • retirement travel adventures,
    • Alfred Wainwright,
    • senior travel planning,
    • travel books,
    • project management

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Across England with a Project Manager
A Journey into Retirement
by Peter Teasdale

Planning the long walk (across England) and delivering on the plan would require accountability and discipline . . . Moreover, it would be an ideal transition between working and not working, by providing an entirely different life experience, requiring us to react and adapt, on the fly, or rather, on the foot. Are you recently retired or nearing retirement and find yourself wondering, what’s next? Do you enjoy long-distance walking and/or travelling? Does the idea of a post-career adventure intrigue you? In 2018, after retiring from their civil service jobs, Peter Teasdale and his wife Shelley decided to transition from working to not working in a unique way—they embarked on a three-week, 190 mile walk across England, from St. Bees on the Atlantic Ocean to Robin’s Bay on the North Sea, known as the Coast to Coast Walk, made famous by Alfred Wainwright, who wrote a book about his trek in 1972. Across England with a Project Manager is brimming with information about the couple’s two-year planning phase of the trip, including logistics, supplies, accommodations, and training, and the execution of the journey, chronicling the sites, foods, people, and more that they experienced along the way as well as lessons they learned and advice for anyone who is considering their own long-distance walk. Inspired by the travel books—and more specifically—the observational humour of Bill Bryson, Paul Theroux, and Tony Hawks, Peter documents their Coast to Coast Walk experiences with witty insight, bringing charm to this post-retirement adventure.

Peter Teasdale photo

Peter Teasdale worked for the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service for forty-five years before retiring in 2018. He and his wife Shelley have significant project management experience, and these techniques have continued to come in handy in a long-distance walking context. Peter and Shelley split their time between Edmonton, Alberta, and Kelowna, British Columbia, escaping in the winters to destinations with warmer climates, including Panama, Mexico, and Hawaii. The couple also love to spend time with their son Matthew and daughter-in-law Rachel, who live in England. When he isn’t walking, Peter enjoys reading, writing travel blogs, playing tennis, squash, pickleball, and golf as well as cycling. Across England with a Project Manager is Peter’s first book in a series; the second will focus on Scotland, and the third on Cotswold-South.


Peter Teasdale
Shelley Teasdale

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