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  • Keywords
    • Shanzhai Model,
    • Chintrepreneurship,
    • China Business,
    • Imitation and Shanzhai Products,
    • Globalization and De-Globalization,
    • Contemporary management models,
    • Political Economics

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Chintrepreneurship or Shanzhai Model
Why and How Did You Lose in China – The Land of Shanzhai
by Jiangning Zhao

Theoretically, the formational and developmental mechanism of Shanzhai Model (the Chintrepreneurship, the China-way of Doing Business) theorized in this text, in addition to complying with the traditionally Western dominated frameworks of risk-taking-oriented, technology-oriented, resource-oriented, and speculation-oriented – also creates the peculiar or updated characteristics, complementary and supplementary to the existing theories of entrepreneurship and strategic management. The peculiar characteristics of Shanzhai Model may be attributed to the government policy guidance, from macroeconomic level, to technology development level, and to market expansion level, through the regulated cycle process of CCP government ‘Five-Year-Plan’. Such a dynamic process of government policy system determines the dynamisms of China economy, industry and enterprises, linking the previous weaknesses into the upgrade or rectification of the next five-year-plan, forcing enterprises to obligately upgrade or adjust their business and management operations (given the absolute autocracy of China government). Practically, the imitation-based cost-saving operations on the enterprise level, the ‘Wolf Like’ clustered industry-chain operations organized by the principle of ‘Risks-Resources-Benefits Sharing’ on the industry level, and the ‘Price-to-Performance’ products advantages on the market level – together, they have been contributing to the leapfrog of China economy, by taking advantages of increasingly globalized business environment and the network (Internet) information technology system, turning China into an economic Shanzhai, corruption Shanzhai, and a political Shanzhai, imposing the ‘One Belt One Road’ hegemonism on the harmony of international community. Is it too late? The contribution of this text material may benefit MBA, Ph.D students in management, and especially benefiting to those corporate executives. Regardless of De-Globalization or De-China campaigns, the flow of business is inevitably and eternally beyond the boundaries of countries one way or another, sooner or later. Note that, a document of year-to-year government policies is prepared, interested, contact Dr. Johnny by email:; or by phone: 001-604-773-0783, or 001-778-655-1016.

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Dr. Zhao, Jiangning: is a Professor of Management, with an extensive international teaching background, starting as an adjunct faculty at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA, USA; and Pratt Institute, NY, USA; Associate Professor at Oregon Institute of Technology, OR, USA; Associate Professor at Konkuk University, South Korea; Professor and Director of global MBA program at Catholic University of Korea, South Korea. He has been invited as a guest or keynote speaker at a number of universities and conferences around world. Since 2003, Dr. Zhao has been intrigued by the rampantly emerged and expanded imitation-based Shanzhai phenomenon in China, drawing his research attention, focusing on: ‘Why had those FDIs/MNCs with absolute financial, technological and managerial advantages failed in competing with the small- and family-owned Shanzhai workshops in China? Dr. Zhao has been burying himself into this research question ever since. He established the concept of Shanzhai Model, delineated the path-dependent evolution from Shanzhai Model to China Shanzhaization, and to China corruption and hegemonism; he coined the concept of Chintrepreneurship, namely: China-way of entrepreneurship, or China-way of Doing Business, complementary and supplementary to the existing frameworks of management and economics. Now, Dr. Zhao is fully engaged in promoting his research, and ready to provide lectures and seminars on the subject of Shanzhai Model, and entrepreneurship as a whole. A full document of China government year-to-year policy formulation and implementation during the period of 1999-2010 (the peak time of China Shanzhaization) has been prepared; interested can contact Dr. Johnny by email:; or by phone: 001-604-773-0783, or 001-778-655-1016. Now, Dr. Johnny is prepared to offer lectures or seminars for universities (MBA and Ph.D students), and corporate executives, worldwide anywhere on demand for understanding the mechanism of China Shanzhaization, China corruption, and China hegemony.


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