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    • Emergencies Act,
    • COVID-19,
    • vaccine mandates,
    • political protest,
    • rights and freedoms

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210° Celsius
16 Ways the Truckers Ignited Canada for the Long Haul
by Barry W. Bussey

From late January to mid February 2022, the eyes of Canada—and indeed, the world—were on Ottawa, Ontario as the Trucker Freedom Convoy converged from all parts of the nation. They were there to tell Prime Minister Trudeau that enough was enough, and they were not going to give in to his politicized mandate that required all cross-border truckers to receive the COVID 19 vaccine. Their journey caught the imagination of a nation tired of lockdowns, mandates, and government overreach. Hailed by many as heroes, and by the government and government sponsored media as “terrorists” and a “fringe minority with unacceptable views,” the truckers took an historic stand for freedom on Canadian soil. In 210° Celsius: 16 Ways the Truckers Ignited Canada for the Long Haul, lawyer Barry W. Bussey chronicles the events of the protest, including the invocation of the Emergencies Act, and he highlights the impact the convoy had on Canadians’ perception of government, the judiciary, and personal freedom. Replete with eyewitness testimony from the streets of the capital and the sworn testimony given at the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC), this thoughtful, well-researched presentation calls on Canadians to reflect on this peaceful protest and the government’s response to COVID-19. The peaceful protest stands as a beacon of how Canadians can stand up to government excess and force changes to government policy. Wherever readers stand on these issues, 210° Celsius: 16 Ways the Truckers Ignited Canada for the Long Haul will stimulate conversation and inspire us all to consider what it means to be a Canadian and what role government should play in our lives.

"Mr. Bussey weaves a fast moving description of The Truckers Convoy, its significance and the assault on freedom that the Governments of Canada and The Establishment have unleashed." — Honourable A. Brian Peckford P.C.. "This book is a service to the cause of freedom and to accurate historical documentations of our frightening times." —Jeffrey Tucker, Brownstone Institute "Every page reveals a commitment to truth...This isn’t merely a book; it’s a roadmap for ensuring the vitality of our democratic values. An essential read for those who value a just and accountable society.” —Tom Marazzo, Canadian Veteran "[T]his sweeping account of a seminal season in Canadian history goes further than most; asking ‘why?’ and most importantly ‘what is our responsibility for the years ahead?" —Greg Hill, founder and co director of Free to Fly "Bussey’s ‘210° Celsius… masterfully documents how Canadians have been transformed … This is a story that needs to be told so that future generations may be prepared and eternally vigilant." —Ted Kuntz, President, Vaccine Choice Canada "Bussey doesn’t just concentrate on particular frames of the protest, he paints an entire picture." —Tanner Hnidey, economist, freelance speaker, social critic, and lay-theologian. "[L]awyer, author, and freedom fighter Barry W. Bussey explains how the Truckers’ peaceful presence in Ottawa has inspired Canadians to find their way out of the abyss.” —Bruce Pardy, professor of law "Very few proved their mettle as admirably as … Bussey …His account is notable for its unflinching truth telling, penetrating judgment, and great compassion for all those whom our institutions and leaders failed." —Ryan Alford, Professor, Bora Laskin Faculty of Law "Once started, this book is impossible to put down… A worthy and easy read.” —Donald Best – Anti-corruption advocate "This type of book is important not only for all Canadians, but all countries where democracy is being eroded and citizens of the world are being duped by duplicitous leaders and paid off media." —Renata Jasaitis, College professor "Bussey’s book represents a monumental and significant achievement.…A must read for lawyers, academics, and all history buffs.” —Daniel Freiheit, Lawyer, "An important read for all Canadians who care about the future of our great Nation!" —Harold Albrecht, Member of Parliament, 2006-2019 "I urge every Canadian to read this book….The time for willful blindness is over.” —Leslie J. Smith, Employment Lawyer "Barry Bussey’s book … will prove a most useful source of background information for domestic and international citizens and policy makers as they think through how to resist State over-reaches in the future ….” —Iain T. Benson, PhD, Professor of Law "Bussey['s]...latest book is an indispensable guide to understanding how the federal government betrayed democracy and the rule of law during the Trucker Protest.” —Michael Alexander – Litigation Lawyer "Barry W. Bussey insists … the protest arose from deep, legitimate discontent… and is continuing to change Canada for the better." —John Robson, is a journalist, history professor, filmmaker "Bussey offers a concise and provocative indictment we cannot ignore." —Shawn Whatley MD, author "A must-read for anyone interested in better understanding a seismic event in Canadian political history." —Aaron Wudrick, lawyer and the Director of MacDonald-Laurier Institute’s Domestic Policy Program "Bussey isolates lessons from the truckers' protest that we had better study closely if we want Canada to be a democracy of free and equal people." —Mark Mercer, Professor of Philosophy "Barry Bussey's book offers a vital documentation of this milestone in Canadian history.,” —Joseph Hickey, Executive Director, Ontario Civil Liberties Association "This book will highlight the courage and heroic efforts that many Canadians displayed while their freedoms were being attacked.” —Pastor David Ripley, Grace Christian Fellowship, Creston BC "The title of Bussey’s book is not just clever, but it says why the Trudeau Government wants us to forget all about the most cataclysmic demonstration." — Stephen LeDrew, lawyer, broadcaster, "I highly endorse this book and wish our leaders would draw from this well of reason and common sense.” —Derek Sloan, former Canadian Member of Parliament, author, and Leader of the Ontario Party. "In this accessible and engaging analysis, Barry W. Bussey uses his astute legal mind to expose the sources and enablers of the government overreach that precipitated this seismic event." — Angus Menuge, PhD, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Concordia University Wisconsin "Dr. Barry Bussey's book is a must-read for anyone genuinely interested in understanding the truth and impact of the Canadian truckers' convoy…" — Scott D. G. Ventureyra, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of True Freedom Press "Dr. Bussey presents well-documented content and firsthand testimony essential to understanding the … 2022 Freedom Convoy." —Don Hutchinson, lawyer and author

Barry W. Bussey, B.A., LL.B., M.A., LL.M., M.P.A.C.S, PhD., holds degrees in Theology, Law, Political Science, Constitutional Law, Peace and Conflict Studies, and a PhD. in Law. A prolific writer, he has written numerous articles on law and religious themes as well as edited a number of books in these subject areas. 210° Celsius: 16 Ways the Truckers Ignited Canada for the Long Haul is his first book written for the general public. He’s also the founder of First Freedoms Foundation (Canada) ( He practices law with Bussey Ainsworth ( in Peterborough. Mr. Bussey is passionate about ideas that shape society for the good, and he enjoys studying Christian history and political philosophy, among other disciplines. He lives in Trent Hills, Ontario with his wife, LaVonna. Together they have three adult children and seven grandchildren.


Barry W. Bussey

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