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  • Keywords
    • Climate Change,
    • Life After Death,
    • Consciousness,
    • Interfaith,
    • Jesus of Nazareth,
    • The Holy Spirit,
    • Spiritual Fantasy

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The Balance
A Channeled Manuscript
by Claire , Dluuwiixwaay and Jesus of Nazareth

The sixth Chosen One of ancient prophesy is now walking earth as an unknown woman living a normal life. When her channel opens, however, Varahn suddenly faces the reality that heaven exists, and her ordinary life is upended. Varahn is told she’s been “chosen" by the Holy Spirit to protect earth from a total extinction of life. Varahn knows human activities are already rushing earth to ecological and climate catastrophe. The process of extinction is actively underway. Although she cherishes her home, she's completely overwhelmed to think such an urgent and momentous responsibility would depend upon her. Is this real? How can she possibly reverse this trajectory? Varahn’s every day felt experience is of earth. But once she's chosen, a heavenly split of her consciousness appears at the center of the homeomorphic hologram, asleep in the very place last occupied by the Absolute God of the Hebrew Torah and the Christian Old Testament. Others in heaven mistakenly conclude Varahn must be Absolute Goddess, seeking to control All That Is. They attack her pre-emptively in ways that threaten to make her crucial task impossible. Jesus of Nazareth is profoundly concerned for both Varahn and the healing of earth. When a disbelieving Varahn decides to start a diary soon after her channel opens, Jesus recognizes that despite it being perceived as a fantasy, should He and the Holy Spirit channel back to Varahn the heavenly view of her story, Varahn might be convinced that she has in fact been chosen, and be fully empowered for her task. In Varahn’s remarkable transcription of channeled truths and personal experience, Jesus also sees an extraordinary opportunity to share his own heartfelt sense of his historical role on earth, as well as future hopes for his teachings.

This book was written by Claire, Dluuwiixwaay, and Jesus of Nazareth.


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