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Not the Fourth of July
by Pierre Lafarge

Financial analyst Marc Lafarge is a workaholic who has been putting in countless hours for a stockbroking firm in Calgary when he stumbles upon a nefarious plot. The Canadian firm he’s been working for, on his secondary industrial sector project, is embroiled in an American plot to take over Canada’s natural resources. As Marc learns more about the highly sophisticated scheme to usurp the country’s oil and water resources, he realises he must do something to stop the Americans. Initially, determined to reveal a substantial fraud in oil and profits, Marc assembles a group of like-minded Canadians to fight against what he has discovered. Then, Marc learns of an even bigger conspiracy: the absorption of Canada into the United States. The fraud project morphs into a major battle against a consortium of US corporations, private equity firms, and the religious right. Under threat at every turn, Marc and his team grapple with blackmail, extortion, and murder, but continue to fight to protect Canada and its citizens. Will their efforts encourage a new USMCA trade agreement, or will Canada move away from the US and Mexico and instead trade with Europe, Asia, and South America? Most importantly: Will Canada retain its independence, or will the US succeed in seamlessly absorbing it? What will democracy in Canada look like after all of this is over?

A dual citizen of the UK and Canada—who has lived and worked in both countries—Pierre Lafarge has often contemplated what the “best way” of life is: a self-focused approach; greed, extortion and violence, such as that of the United States, or a social democratic, community mindset more readily found in Europe. With fifty years of experience in finance and a keen interest in business, politics, and philosophy, Pierre sought to write a political drama that touched upon the themes of democracy, sovereignty, and religious conspiracy. He was interested in the idea of how political change can take place without the all-too-common addition of violence. He hopes this fictionalized version of what are otherwise prevalent themes in many countries around the world will help inspire people to effect change. Pierre is the author of American Eclipse, published in 2011. He is a member of the University of the Third Age in the UK and now lives in Britain with his wife of fifty-two years. Their two grown children live in Canada.


Pierre Lafarge

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