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Cranial helmets, Craniosynostosis, Orthotics, Torticollis, Plagiocephaly, Helmet therapy, ROKband

Kenny Gets Her Crown
by Alyssa Humphrey

Due to torticollis, Kennedy hasn’t been able to turn her head to the left! When her neck is finally freed, she discovers that her head is lumpy as a result of positional plagiocephaly! Luckily, Mommy knows some inventors who can make a helmet to align Kennedy’s head.

Kenny Gets Her Crown explains the ‘why’ of cranial helmeting to ease understanding for the wearer, siblings, classmates, parents, and peers. It is a resource for parents, siblings, schools, daycare providers, and professional pediatric clinics to help families navigate and normalize this process that affects so many families each year.

Acknowledging differences in each other and seeing differences as positives provides a helpful narrative for those educating little ones on the normalcy of helmets and assuring them that there is nothing negative, scary, or wrong with children who wear them.

“Congratulations to Kennedy and all families on the Cranial Remodelling journey, ROKband families and others included! The helmeting process is one that is improving every single day thanks to advanced technology and we're so proud that this book will shed light on just how great that journey can be.

ROK on, Baby!"

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ALYSSA HUMPHREY is a passionate community member and small business owner who has always used writing to explore and express experiences. When her daughter Kennedy was born, she and her husband Brandon faced some health concerns at her two-month appointment: torticollis, plagiocephaly, and perhaps craniosynostosis.

They went through various pediatric appointments, referrals to a children’s hospital, and

physiotherapy appointments until finally all the scary health concerns were put to rest. Kennedy received helmet treatment from ROKband, a cranial technologies company, over five and a half months before graduating from their helmeting program.

As someone who prefers to be equipped with knowledge, Alyssa used this opportunity to immerse herself in articles, Facebook groups, as well as mom and baby groups, and recognized an opportunity to educate families and normalize helmeting for babies (whether for medical or cosmetic reasons).

Alyssa lives in Southwestern Ontario with her husband, eighteen-month-old daughter, and nine-year-old German Shepherd, Jack.


Alyssa Humphrey
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