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faeries, portal, faery realm, lost love, friendship, fantasy, Irish lore

Wautsa's Journey
by Sherri Kennedy

Heather has always believed in faeries, but she is still shocked when she finds one in her own backyard. Heather is fascinated and wants to know everything she can about Wautsa Tu U’s world. Likewise, Wautsa wants to learn all he can about the human world.

Heather lets Wautsa live in the birdhouse in her backyard while he visits the human world, and the two of them chat regularly about life. Wautsa’s biggest concern is love: he has a faint memory of someone he used to know but can’t remember anything about her. He tries to move on by dating someone else, but he just knows the relationship isn’t right.

After leaving the human world for the winter, Wautsa returns in spring with an exciting story to share with Heather. He found a magical well in the faery woods and spoke to a wingless faery girl there. But there was something odd about the girl, and he flew away before getting her name. It isn’t long, however, before Wautsa is mysteriously drawn back to the well and the wingless faery he met there. Could she be the answer to his missing memories?

Sherri Kennedy has always had a vivid imagination and has always been fascinated by an author’s ability to capture a reader’s interest through the power of words, which prompted her to write her first book, The Story of Wautsa Tu U. When she isn’t writing, Sherri enjoys making cards and doing crafts. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her three small dogs.


Sherri Kennedy

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