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Picture book, Saskatchewan, Valentine’s Day, Heart-shaped cookies, 1960s, Snowstorm, Children’s story

Valerie's Valentine Cookies
by Valerie Biden

In Valerie’s Valentine Cookies, author Valerie Biden brings readers an autobiographical story from her childhood. It’s rural Saskatchewan in February of 1964, and Valerie has volunteered to bring heart-shaped cookies for her class’s Valentine’s Day party. Valerie is so excited! She loves sugar cookies, and baking with her mom is always a recipe for a fabulous time.

The party is getting closer when, the weekend before the event, a ferocious snowstorm blows through southern Saskatchewan. Valerie’s family is snowed in, and her little heart feels broken. Sure, she has all the ingredients she needs to make the cookie dough, but without a heart-shaped cookie cutter, she can’t bring the heart shaped cookies to the party. How will Valerie make the cookies for her classmates? How will Valerie take heart-shaped cookies without a cookie cutter?

Read Valerie’s Valentine Cookies to see how one little girl discovers there is more than one way to accomplish her goals. Watch out for bonus content, including recipes for sugar cookies and buttercream frosting!

Valerie Biden began writing Valerie’s Valentine Cookies as a legacy project for her grandchildren and a themed story for the holiday. Having always had a love for storytelling, Valerie realized she wanted to share this tale of love, baking, and resilience with young readers across Saskatchewan and North America. Valerie’s Valentine Cookies shares with readers lessons in adapting and following your heart—lessons Valerie learned through her experience as a little girl in rural Saskatchewan.

Valerie holds a Bachelor of Adult Education and Training and is pursuing a Master of Education in Adult Education & Human Resource Development. A guided autobiography instructor, Valerie has written many stories of her life and hopes to publish more children’s books themed on her childhood and the various holiday seasons.

When Valerie isn’t writing, she loves being active and outdoors, and enjoys hobbies such as reading and scrapbooking. Stay tuned for more stories from Valerie!


Valerie Biden
Jessica Riess
Scott Biden

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