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Tale of redemption, Bad guy turns good, Drunk driving, Date rape, Criminal rehabilitation, Familial conflict, Escaping your past

Ryan's Redemption
by William Shymkiw

This novel is the story of one young man.

In spite of his earlier life privileges, he begins a descent into darkness and evil. This descent stops when he receives a foreboding message from the supernatural. He changes course and begins his long journey of redemption.

Ryan is the principal character but he affects the lives of others. They are an integral part of the novel. They have their own story to tell. You will be captivated by their courage and resilience. Along side of Ryan’s character there is a parallel-it is Bobby. He has his own journey from boyhood to adult. He is the catalyst that brings three families together.

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The author William (Bill) Shymkiw prefers to be called Bill. His life experiences spam the decades from the Great Depression to the modern Digital Age. These are supplemented by knowledge he has gained from many sources. The setting for this novel is primarily Alberta. Readers will recognize familiar place names. One can relate to the characters of this novel. They experience the trials of everyday life.


There is a contributor who has helped create this novel. She is Rita MacPherson. In the past nine years she has been Bill’s caregiver. The author has limited vision, so she has been his eyes. Many times when the author has expressed doubt, she has provided encouragement. Many times she has suggested that the author could express a sentence in a better way. Although she and the author are very different persons; yet they share a common purpose. They want the reader to enjoy this novel. They share a common philosophy. Enjoy the day and celebrate it.


William Shymkiw
Contribution by
Rita MacPherson

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