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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Guardian angels, Guidance, Comfort, Love, Loss, Grief, Spirituality

Our Guardian Angels
by Frida Backlund

Sometimes people we love very much have to leave us, and it can be difficult to understand why they’ve left and where they’ve gone. Do you want to know a secret? Just look up. In the sky, above the clouds and stretch of blue, are all the loved ones we’ve lost and even some we never knew. They’re angels now, and the ones we love are keeping special watch over us.

In Guardian Angels, a sweet children’s picture book written in rhyming couplets, debut author Frida Backlund offers readers comfort and explanation for where to seek our loved ones when we can no longer see their faces or hear their voices. Guiding and protecting us, Frida teaches little ones that while some of our most cherished people may be gone, they haven’t left us after all—they are our guardian angels.

Debut author Frida Backlund moved from Sweden to Canada with her husband, Mikael, in 2014. After losing her mother at nineteen years old, Frida processed her grief with the belief that her mother did not truly leave her, she simply graduated to becoming her guardian angel. Now a mother herself, this is a comfort and understanding she wishes to share with her children about the grandmother they have both always and never known. But the belief in guardian angels can sometimes be quite an elusive comfort—necessary to continue yet hard to hold. Through the process of sharing the gift of belief with herself and her children, Frida was inspired to present her first publication: Guardian Angels. May it bring comfort and healing to readers young and old, and may it give parents and guardians a tool for guiding the little ones in their lives through grief and gaps in their family trees.

Frida and Mikael live in Calgary, Alberta with their two kids, Tillie and Oliver, and the family dog, Dexter. To keep up with Frida, follow her on Instagram at @ffridabacklund.


Frida Backlund
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