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crime, killer, murder, drugs, Vancouver, overdose, reporter

The Opiate Murders 3
Vancouver's Pain and Wastings
by Justin Sand

The book is intended for those who know and think they know about the opiate crisis in Canada. The book sets to explain how the east end got the way it is and will not be changing until safe supply measures and health care intervention is administered. People needlessly die every day because of the public's indifference and ignorance to the suffering of others. This book follows the crisis from the early 90s to 2014. The origins of an epidemic conceal murders. The public pretends it's the victims fault. The main characters are police, reporters and murderers all set against eachother. The system provides the veil for ignorance. The murderers kill, the reporters lie and the cops conceal all the evidence.

Justin Sand is a Canadian author who has lived and worked in the mental health and addiction field since 2007. He has degrees in philosophy and sociology from the University of Victoria. This is his fifth novel.


Justin Sand
Stevie Sand

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