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Romantic Thriller, Erotica, Legal Drama, Suspense, Strong Female Protagonist, Murder and Kidnapping, Blossoming Love

Bennett's Trials
by Karen D Grant

Lilia Bennett, an independent and hard-working law clerk, thought her luck had finally changed: Melinda Kent, that evil witch of a boss, was fired, and Lilia accepted the newly-vacant position on the condition she passes the bar exam. It’s a huge step towards her dream of becoming a high-powered criminal defence lawyer at Hale, Cross & Associates. Lilia continues work on one of Melinda’s cases and finds herself partnered up with Warner Reid (in more ways than one).

As they’re deep working in the defence of accused serial rapist and killer Luke Wilkins, Melinda is found dead in her apartment. More people go missing, other bodies turn up, and Lilia is attacked late one night in the firm’s parking lot. Warner, the proverbial knight in shining armour, offers to be Lilia’s caretaker and first line of defence as she heals from her attack. Living under one roof, they work to get to the bottom of these disturbing developments. Vital though this work may be, Lilia and Warner struggle to keep their focus on the case rather than on each other.

The challenging Wilkins case becomes less “unwinnable” and more suspicious day by day. Is there anyone Lilia can trust?

Karen D Grant is an avid reader, and an enthusiast of the crime and romance genres. A lover of true crime podcasts and documentaries, she was inspired to write her first novel, Bennett’s Trials.

Karen D Grant lives in Toronto, Canada.


Karen D Grant

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