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Math Limericks
Learn Integers Using Poetry
by Janet M. Parker

Are you struggling to learn algebraic concepts? Are formulas constantly flying right out of your head? Maybe a limerick is what you need! Try learning math this way, instead!

This is not your average poetry book! Math Limericks provides a unique twist on those tricky math concepts that can be difficult to master. After you read each limerick, you can complete a challenge using the concept you just learned about. If you (or your students) feel a little overwhelmed with each new math lesson, take a step back, pick up Math Limericks, and rhyme your way through algebra!

Lessons include: developing vocabulary, comparing integers, describing integers, solving operations with integers, and much more!

Janet M. Parker has taught middle school for over 14 years. While teaching, she planned fun activities and math games for her students, and now she’s bringing algebraic concepts to a new audience by using poetry!

Janet lives in Maryland, with her two older children and their cat, Bonnie. When she is not writing, Janet enjoys singing, playing the piano, and spending time with her family. Math Limericks is her first book.


Janet M. Parker

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