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  • The Joy of Thinking

    Mathematical and Scientific Thinking Skills for Young MInds by

    You can develop your observational, analytical, visual, and critical thinking skills, and have fun doing it! Start with your own natural curiosity, knowledge, and insights, then, by using a small and familiar data set, you will learn how ...

  • Math Limericks

    Learn Integers Using Poetry by

    Are you struggling to learn algebraic concepts? Are formulas constantly flying right out of your head? Maybe a limerick is what you need! Try learning math this way, instead! This is not your average poetry book! Math Limericks provides a unique ...

  • I Get It! Times Tables: The Workbook

    With Tonnes of Examples And More Times Table Tricks by

    I Get It! Times Tables: The WORKBOOK Multiplication is everywhere. We use it every day! Are you looking for tips and tricks to solve multiplication questions? Do you want to be a times table superstar? Join The Times Table Team characters and ...

  • Manal Mahal and the Double Cookie Party


    Manal Mahal and the Double Cookie Party is a children's education book crafted to enhance basic arithmetic through poetic rhyme and imaginary adventure. As a Kindergarten student, Manal Mahal enjoyed her classroom environment, her learning centres, ...

  • I Get It! Times Tables

    You Can Get It! by

    I GET IT! TIMES TABLES is a fun and exciting way to learn multiplication. Meet The Times Table Team characters and learn magic tricks for solving multiplication questions up to 12 x 12. Discover many different strategies to assist in understanding ...

  • Dodecabus: A New Kind of Math Puzzle


    Dodecabus: A New Kind of Math Puzzle. Looking for some fun puzzles / brain exercise? Want to brush up on your basic math skills? Interested in elementary number theory? Enjoy the challenge of deceptively easy problems? Then, this new Math Puzzle ...