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Crime fiction, Crime novel, Found money novel, Noir fiction, Elmore Leonard, Crime thriller, Gang crime novel

Don't Touch That Money$$
by Maurice Morissette

Two low-level members of a biker gang in Saint-Luc, Quebec, a small town located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, have the misfortune of losing a huge sum of money that belongs to a powerful American company. Furious, the head of the company entrusts his best men with recovering the cash, no matter what. Before they can get their hands on it, however, an ingenious and unscrupulous lawyer finds the money and decides to keep it to himself, throwing the investigators off his trail with a series of false leads. Further confounding the investigators’ efforts are a cast of quirky characters who inhabit the small town, including a corrupt cop and a nosey old woman, leading to a comedy of errors that is anything but funny for those who lost the money in the first place.

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Maurice Morissette has worked as a teacher and also as the owner-manager of a manufacturing company. He enjoys reading, biking, walking, traveling, and watching police stories. He has published one other book in French, Ben Bon pour Elle, Ben Bon pour Vous Autres. Maurice lives in Victoriaville, Quebec.


Maurice Morissette
Jean-Pierre Lockhead

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