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Grief and loss, Depression after loss, PTSD, Complex Bereavement Disorder, Career loss, Grieving suicide, Miscarriage and stillbirth

The Toolbox for Grief and Loss
Effective Healing Strategies
by Valerie A. Umscheid

The Toolbox for Grief and Loss is an insightful and practical guide for anyone who is suffering, whether from a loss that is recent or long past. Grief does not have a timeline; however, prolonged pain and suffering can be avoided or healed, and the joy in living restored.

From her twenty years as a registered psychologist and therapist, Valerie Umscheid brings personal and compelling true stories of how we can get stuck in grief, and effective tools to help us journey through to the other side of traumatic loss. She identifies the many ways loss can affect our lives, even when we do not realize that we are in a state of prolonged grief. This book is a balm for anyone who has experienced:

• Loss of a loved one

• Relationship loss or divorce

• Career loss

• Suicide of a loved one

• Miscarriage or stillbirth

• Loss related to a change in ability

• Ambiguous loss due to a chronic illness

• Loss of a pet

The Toolbox for Grief and Loss outlines a recovery plan for each grief story, and details a number of therapeutic processes that are easy to learn on your own such as: journaling, grief processing letters, mindfulness, and a memory box. Other processes can be explored with a wellness professional such as: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), and self-hypnosis. Put an end to prolonged grief and rediscover hope for the future!

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Valerie Umscheid is a licensed psychologist and has twenty years of experience working with clients to relieve their suffering and facilitate healing. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and was a clinical supervisor for ten years. She has also completed advanced training in clinical hypnosis and EMDR, and is a member of the Alberta Clinical Hypnosis Society and EMDR Canada. Umscheid has navigated grief and loss herself. Both of her parents died of cancer, she lost a brother-in-law to suicide, and in early 2021, her husband died suddenly from complications due to COVID-19. Knowing how profound the suffering of grief can be, she aims to help others discover the courage to heal and the pathway to recovery.

She has a private practice in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Please visit her website at for further resources on processing grief and loss.


Valerie A. Umscheid

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