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Alzheimer’s disease, Caregiving, Understanding illness, Empathy, Compassion, Helping others, Remembering the good times

Will You Remember?
by Chanda Minor Brigance

Chan’s grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease. This means she easily becomes confused and forgetful. But Chan won’t let this bring her down. She remembers all the good times she’s had with her grandmother. Chan lets these memories guide her as she begins caregiving for her grandmother by making sure she eats nutritious foods along with getting the help and support she needs. As she helps her grandmother stay happy and healthy, Chan makes new memories she can keep with her forever.

Do you have a loved one who needs extra care? Will you remember all the good times you’ve had with them?

Chanda is a native Houstonian. She grew up caring for young children while nurturing her dream of one day becoming a daycare center entrepreneur. Chanda’s years of caregiving experiences launched a teaching opportunity with the Archdiocese of the Houston Metropolitan area where Chanda embraced educating first graders. While being an educator, Chanda’s greatest accomplishment was witnessing the joy and excitement of her student’s rapid learning.

Years later, Chanda Co-Founded the foundation where she is currently the driving force and inspiration for the “Chanda’s Caregiver Corner”, which is a program within the Brigance Brigade Foundation.

Chanda’s firsthand caregiving experiences helped her gain valuable empathy, passion, and knowledge of caregiving. This insight gave Chanda the vision, inspiration, and encouragement for writing the “CHAN IS A CAREGIVER” children’s book collection.


Chanda Minor Brigance
Mariya Stoyanova

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