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  • You & Me & Allergies

    Bringing Awareness to Environmental and Food Allergies Sensitivities by

    “Why me?” Jena shouted as she stomped into her bathroom early one school-day morning… Jena’s tummy hurt – again – and she couldn’t understand why she had to struggle with such physical discomfort at the worst of times. Jena knows that she has ...

  • Vax-Force


    Join Vax-Force as they explore how vaccination works inside your body! Dr. Vaxson explains how trusted doctors and scientists made Vicky the Vaccine. Her mission is to tell Willy the White Blood Cell and his Antibuddies how to find and fight bad ...

  • Germ Concern


    A Germatic and emphatic message for the kids. A Germtastic package wrapped and stacked with practice. Germthusiastic captions paired with scary pathogens. A Germerrific assortment made for reader enjoyment. Germ Concern, is a children’s book that ...

  • It's Not 'Cuz of Me


    When Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) enters a home everyone is affected by it. So often children are left upset, with a lack of understanding and wondering what’s going on. This story is for those children who have PTSD in their family, giving ...