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Young Adult Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Portal Fantasy, Fantasy Action, Family Relationships, Fantasy Creatures, Anthropomorphic Fantasy

Beyond the Treeline
by Holly Tipper

Alph O’leary has a life nobody would be jealous of. Wartime London is boring, dull, and anxiety inducing. His tense relationship with his father doesn’t help with almost every word exchanged seeming to drive them apart even further. However, on a day like any other, Alph happens upon a set of instructions. Depicting a mysterious creature and addressed to Norway, he runs away on a quest in search of their rightful owner.

Lured into a hidden kingdom full of beasts and magic, Alph finds himself wrapped up in a plot to bring an end to the destructive path of an ancient monster: the Nuckelavee.

With his young son suddenly missing, Timothy O’leary is in no way prepared to rush across Norway after him. Trying to live a peaceful life whilst dealing with the challenges of being a single father and his own past trauma, his world is thrown into chaos. Faced with horrifying monsters and the looming frigid North, Timothy must find every shred of courage in him to save Alph.

Holly Tipper is a debut author who spends too much money on coffee and has a shelf dedicated to dinosaur figurines. She has an intense interest in history and art, and doesn't know how to ride a bike. She loves telling stories more than anything else.

The boring stuff is that she was born on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and is currently studying at the University of Victoria.


Holly Tipper

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