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Christianity, Christian teens, Questions about God, Genesis for Teens, Free will to choose, God’s eternal desire, Tree of life in Eden

The Hidden Link, An Awesome Desire
The Infinite God in Action
by Coleen McAvoy

As our grandparents tell us stories about when they were young, we think that was a long time ago. If we know a little history, we might even have some realization of what life was like for our grandparents. If we were to ask God how old He was or where He was born, we would discover that things are very different with God. He did not have a beginning, nor does He have an ending. But He does have an awesome desire and plan. As you slowly read this book alone, with your parents, or with someone else, you will discover the infinite God in action. You will learn that you, your whole family and even your friends, can be a part of God’s history and that all of us are an important link in His eternal purpose for man. You will touch God's desire, His patience, His care, His lovingkindness, and above all, His wisdom in the way He plans and carries out what is on His heart.


Coleen McAvoy
Katelyn Sieb
Veronica Chung

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