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  • The Hidden Link, An Awesome Desire

    The Infinite God in Action by

    As our grandparents tell us stories about when they were young, we think that was a long time ago. If we know a little history, we might even have some realization of what life was like for our grandparents. If we were to ask God how old He was or ...

  • Miracle Bedtime Stories

    For Children of All Ages by

    Initially this writer had the opportunity to share my personal Miracle Bedtime Stories with an 8-year-old child who would regularly ask, “Sharron, would you tell me a bedtime story?” I thought for a while and replied "Emily, I’m not good at ...

  • God's One Language

    Teaching Children Than Amongst Our Visible Differences, We Are All The Same by

    Dianne De Jong strives to teach children that amongst our visible differences, we are all the same. While on a mission trip in Haiti, Dianne was speaking with a sweet, faith-filled, elderly Haitian man. Although this man did not speak a word of ...

  • Thank You Father God For Being My Daddy


    We all need to know we are loved unconditionally. That there is Someone who will always be there for us and see us through the tough times life brings. When we learn we have a Heavenly Father who wants the BEST for our life we can experience a life ...