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Historical Fiction, Family, Morality, Inspirational, Love of Learning, Great Depression, Personal responsibility

Daniel: Investing in Family
by Peter Pactor

Read this book, because Daniel: Investing in Family contains information and guidance that is important to you in your own life. Family is Daniel’s focus but there are many interesting characters. We all wake up with our own problems. Often a problem seems gigantic to whoever faces the challenges; but may seem trivial to others. Challenges in Daniel’s world, in the nineteen thirties, are still present today. Hunger was and still is a problem, even in this America. We have over a million runaways today, and over a million kids in foster care. Sometimes, it seems that people feel too helpless to solve their challenges, that they just need some guidance and the feeling of being loved to get their attitudes adjusted. Expanding his family is part of Daniel’s way of touching many.

Peter Pactor is an award-winning author. Before becoming an author he was a teacher for fifty years, a storyteller for thirty years. Daniel: Investing in Family is the seventh book in his Daniel series.


Peter Pactor

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