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Futuristic Love Story, Environmental Collapse, Two-Spirit, Meta Storytelling, Lyrical Prose, Multiple Relationships, Managing Feelings

One World
by Melody Lily Jade

Lillian seeks a universal melody for all the refugees of Red City. But in her path is the Jade aristocracy, fueled by greed and tainted memories.

Hundreds of years and universes away, Melayna’s being led astray. Her world’s devastated by climate change and evil men for whom she’s prey.

Two women leading very different lives, each with boyfriends who wish to make them wives. Their connection, however, cannot be denied, as they can each visit and live through the other’s eyes. It’s this bond alone that ensures they’ll survive.

As they follow the music deep within their cores to overcome traumas from before, they develop an inner rapport that enables them to discover even more.

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Melody Lily Jade (She/Her) is of Chinese ancestry but was born in a Red Cross Refugee Camp in Chon Buri, Thailand, after her parents fled the Khmer Rouge Genocide. When she was three, she immigrated to Canada but experienced hostile culture clashes and abuse that led to a long battle with depression.

Writing is the lighted path she chooses to take, and this book has been part of her journey of healing. She’s reimagined her father’s advice to “only think of yourself” with the intention that if you love yourself first, the world will benefit and become all the brighter. She hopes her stories help others find their light.

Melody enjoys writing stories that have underlying themes of racism, environmental activism, and self-discovery. She also enjoys writing the cheesiest lines. Her advice for new writers is, “Don’t write hungry, or all of your metaphors will be food-related.” Melody lives in British Columbia, Canada.


Melody Lily Jade

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