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  • Intrabit

    One World by

    Lillian seeks a universal melody for all the refugees of Red City. But in her path is the Jade aristocracy, fueled by greed and tainted memories. Hundreds of years and universes away, Melayna’s being led astray. Her world’s devastated by climate ...

  • Earth, Long Since Conquered


    In this gripping post-modern thriller, a curious seventeen-year-old named Doug tumbles into an adventure through outer space and into another world, where his senses are treated to a thousand novelties, each teaching him something that strengthens ...

  • Bessie: Lost & Found


    Fifteen-year-old Bessie MacIntyre and her best pal, Ash, find themselves in Heaven, with no memory of how or when or why they ended up there. And when Jason—Bessie’s trusted companion since childhood, and later her boyfriend—appears out of the blue, ...

  • Bessie: Life & Death


    Fifteen-year-old Bessie MacIntyre has just endured the most traumatic experience of her young life; sadly caused by a series of events she had personally set in motion in the early hours of July 15, 2002. Now back at home in Ravenspond, ...