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Vancouver setting, larceny, substance use, subsidized tenancy housing, life on the edges, marginalized characters, chosen family

Arbutus Manor
by James Darren

Escape with a dynamic group of young adults that meet at a Vancouver West End room and board house named Arbutus Manor. Follow Matt the “lovable scoundrel”, Mina the beautiful runaway bride, Carol the physically challenged woman with a zest for life and Jordie the handsome cowboy as they experience fun, frolic and life’s challenges in the summer of 1985. Minor characters are colourful and as interesting as the main players. “Quixotic wisdom” pours forth from Elsie the kitchen overseer. Another Arbutus Manor tenant named Pedro is a Psychiatric Outpatient that contributes his philosophy to the mix in a fatherly fashion. Canadian author James Darren explores themes of substance use, anxiety, grief, mental illness, communication, sexual freedom, romance, friendship, natural attraction and self-improvement.

Explicit sex scenes and mature stories abound with satisfying plots and twists that will captivate the reader to the very end and beyond.

Author James Darren has always been intrigued by the knowledge that every person, on average, is said to meet 10,000 people in the course of their lifetime. Darren has managed to remember many in some capacity because of some unique characteristic, a fashion style, or a particular human quirk. Those memories are the basis for Darren’s characters in his first novel, Arbutus Manor, a slice of life look at disparate individuals living in a Vancouver boarding house during a single summer. Vancouver is a place that Darren knows well, as he lived there for years, before moving to Calgary spending time pursuing his love of writing and other creative pursuits.

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James Darren

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