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To Abu Simbel and Back
Cruising on the Nile and Discovering Ancient Egypt
by Otto Schmalz

In November 2001, mere months after the deadly attacks in New York on 9/11, Otto Schmalz and his wife embarked on a journey to Egypt. With security being more stringent and fewer travellers venturing outside of their homelands, tourism in Egypt was down ninety percent, which made it easier to get a close look at the breath-taking monuments and temples.

For fourteen days, Otto and his tour companions cruised the Nile for nine days as well as toured the remainder by bus and visited many temples along and away from that great river. It was an eye-opening experience to discover how advanced the ancient Egyptian empires were thousands of years ago. Rather than channelling their strength and ambition to conquering the world, the powerful Egyptians put their energies into building structures and artwork with their bare hands that had not been equaled anywhere else. From the massive pylons at the Luxor Temple to Abu Simbel and the Great Sphinx at Giza, Otto describes in detail the historical significance of the sites he visited during this incredible journey. He also relates his interesting interactions with the people (and some animals) that he came in contact with, from his knowledgeable tour guide to security guards to his colourful travel mates.

To Abu Simbel and Back whisks the reader away to ancient Egypt and hopefully leaves them wanting to visit this incredible country in person.

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In addition to being a retired engineer, Otto Schmalz is an avid traveller and has visited over sixty countries. His curiosity about Egypt and his quest to learn more about this country with such a long recorded human history was what drew him to book the trip.

This is Otto’s sixth book published with FriesenPress. He lives in Ottawa, Canada, with his wife, Gertrud.


Otto Schmalz
Gertrud Schmalz

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