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    • Historical Chinese literature,
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    • Cultural heritage fiction

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FanGong Seawall
by Jiwen

THIS STORY RECEIVED YANGTZE RIVER NETWORK LITERATURE COMPETITION AWARD FOR 2020. Set 1,000 years ago (AD 1021-1026) during China’s Song Dynasty, it centres on the life and times of Fan Zhongyan, a real historical figure in ancient China. “Fan” is his last name, and “Gong” is the most respectful honorific title in Chinese. This novel focuses on his challenges and accomplishments as a young junior official in the coastal city of Yancheng, literally “Salt City,” located in Jiangsu Province. Although his official duty was managing the salt warehouse, he led the huge and dangerous project of building a massive seawall to protect the land and the people. He constantly put the welfare of the people above his own and overcame a lot of obstacles. Today, people still call it the “FanGong Seawall” in honour of him. It is a beautifully written story in which the author deftly blends messages with prose, unfurling a narrative depicting Chinese history and culture through its colourful cast of characters. The story is entertaining and includes so much great history, poetry, and universal moral wisdom that still endures today.

"This is definitely a work worth reading." —Jidi Majia "This imaginative recounting of a heroic eleventh-century government official who was totally committed to serving public interest feels as relevant today as it did a thousand years ago." —Jan W. Walls "The many chapters of this book are not just simple stories, and might be a unique experience for many readers around the world." —Chen Minsheng "Excellent storytelling packed with details that made this historical account come to life." —Janet

Jiwen, a member of North Shore Authors Collection, a leader master of Nanjing Cultural Master Workshop, a leader writer of Jiangsu Network Literature Valley, is a popular network author who has received many prestigious awards for her Chinese writing. She is recommended as a cultural ambassador of Nanjing and a good storyteller by readers, primarily for her well-loved network novels series including Nanjing Stories whose stories take place in Jiangsu Province, of which FanGong Seawall is a part. Many of her network publications have been popular literary interpretations of Jiangsu’s history and culture. Author website:


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