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Gospel accounts, life of Jesus, humanity of Jesus, Kingdom of God, New Testament characters, Mary Magdalene, alternative view of Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Crucified
A novel
by Doug Bragg

Based on the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, Who Was Crucified takes readers “behind the scenes” and provides a unique perspective on the childhood, ministry, and death and resurrection of Christ. While incorporating details from the biblical stories, the novel explores what might have happened in a fictitious yet realistic manner.

Doug Bragg wrote the novel, which was found by his wife after his death. Doug lived his spiritual beliefs every day, and he believed that Jesus did as well. He held that Jesus was blood and bone, just like the rest of us. This story is about the man Jesus was—the joys, struggles, and relationships he experienced as a man walking through his life as a human being as well as the Son of God. Insight into the possible thoughts, intentions, and even insecurities of Jesus and other “players” in the tale infuse the story of the Messiah with a humanity often forgotten by those who focus primarily on his divinity.

A refreshing look at the heart and message of Jesus!

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Doug Bragg was kind, funny, and loved by many. He was born on April 30, 1947, and passed peacefully on January 16, 2020. An avid reader, writer, thinker, and dreamer, he always had a smile on his face and a story to tell.

Doug experienced the Pentecostal Church as a young boy, but his life experiences and tour of duty in Vietnam led his spirituality in a different direction. He later studied English Literature at Northeastern University. He believed that our every day events shaped our story, and that each of us has a story to tell. His hope was that readers could begin to relate to the story of Jesus through the eyes of Jesus the man, who was asked to do great things.


Doug Bragg

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