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Mother and daughter, Parents and children, Loss of parents, Separation, Love, Positive thinking, Familial love

I Love You Forever And Beyond
by Kimberley Peters

During the raid on their village Daisy and her mom got separated. Trapped and terrified, Daisy recalls the lessons her mom taught her about happiness, love and bravery. She hopes to escape and reunite with her mother, but even apart, Daisy feels her mother’s love. This love story between mother and daughter, touches on love and loss. I Love you Forever and Beyond reminds children, young people and adults that the love of a mother never goes away.

I love you forever and beyond is a children/ fictional book that shows a mother and daughter love. The bond they have and had was unbreakable, this book also shows that love can travel and have an effect on other people indirectly. Daisy had lost her momma Deen , but the love mamma Deen showed to her was passed on to Daisy's children. This book is in remembrance of my mom Aldeen Hall. It depicts how much of a lover she was and that her love was so infectious it will be passed on to my children, I just want to remember her by writing this book. In loving memory of my mom Aldeen Hall.

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Kimberley Peters is passionate about working with children. She studied Early Childhood Education in Jamaica, where she had the opportunity to work with children from different social backgrounds. Her experience fostered a love of taking care of her students, which also helped her to develop a love of reading to children . Inspired by the children around her, she decided to write a childrens’ book. She hopes to cater to the imagination of young minds, for them to explore, learn and develop while they grow.


Kimberley Peters
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