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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

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I Want
Get What You Give
by Michael Koffler

Genre: Children's book

Target audience: children ages 3 to 8

Main theme: life lesson on interpersonal relationships

Themes relating: perfect alignment as young children see things in simple terms, and children are attracted to vibrant colors and images of children

Hook; you need to contribute to experience a relationship

Theme: people want things such as relationships, possessions and to feel positive

Tension: things don't just appear out of thin air, instead you need to exercise effort and thought for emotional, economic and daily comfort. the principle is a simple concept that energy contributed to life's basic essential needs will be met with a corresponding receipt of responses from others.

Michael Koffler photo

Michael Koffler, Author

A serial entrepreneur in the world of private schools for children N-22, mostly focused on Autism diagnosed children.

He’s built and lead over a dozen school brands serving 1000’s of children from New York to Florida. He can be contacted at

“lead as a role model, learn by example”

Keri Constantino, Artist/Illustrator

Keri is an artist and art teacher based out of Rockland County.

After completing her BA in Art Therapy, Keri continued her education to receive her Masters in Special education.

Keri currently works at Shrub Oak International School in Mohegan Lake, New York. specializing in painting, mixed media, felting and ceramics.

Beyond her interests of art and education, Keri has a passion for animals and exploring the outdoors.


Michael Koffler
Keri Costantino

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