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Divorce, Fairies, Love, Inner love, Compassion, Emotions, Feelings

The Magic Vest
by Shereen Quraeshi

Rachel used to be a very happy child. But when her parents got divorced, things started to change. She knows that her parents love her but going back and forth between their houses wasn’t easy!

As the fairies Esmeralda and Morgana watched Rachel, they notice that her spirits are dwindling.

So, they decided it was time to step in and use their magic powers. Determined to help Rachel understand that she that has to keep a little love for herself, they give her a beautiful magic vest.

This sweet narrative about the power of imagination is sure to help a child navigate the changes brought about by divorce. It teaches all readers that we can get through anything if we remember to keep some love and kindness for ourselves.

Your cells will bounce with warmth and joy as you delight in this moving story of Rachel and her magic vest. Author Shereen Quraeshi, with the help of some very wise fairies, reminds us all to love and care for ourselves as well as we love and care for others.

Minna Shulman, Mother, Grandmother, Counselor and Dean of Students

Shereen Quraeshi has tackled a difficult subject for kids and parents to talk about. Her book will help a lot of kids realize that they are not alone and that the ‘village’ that surrounds them will support them on those though days. LOVE prevails.

Judy Martin, Former President, Batshaw Youth & Family Centre

A heart-warming story that reminds both young and old of the importance of kindness and love towards one's self during difficult times. Parental separation can be hard on all family members, and children can sometimes feel responsible for others' feelings. This story helps explain these feelings.

Cassandra Fusco, MSW., McGill University

Shereen Quraeshi photo

Shereen Quraeshi was inspired to share how she first spoke to her children about her divorce. It is essential that a child has the freedom to love each parent, regardless of the challenges that the parents are facing, particularly with the insecurities that arise during a divorce.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Shereen is a mother of two, and a university graduate in sociology and economics. Her interests and activities lean towards wellbeing and ways to live an inspired life.


Shereen Quraeshi
Madeleine Sibthorpe

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