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Mobilize Food!
Wartime Inspiration for Environmental Victory Today
by Eleanor Boyle

Faced with a climate crisis, can people commit to action? Faced with evidence that our agriculture and our diets fuel that crisis—producing significant greenhouse gases—can we muster the vision to produce and consume food differently? Transforming food systems to meet a threat has been done before, as revealed in Mobilize Food! Wartime Inspiration for Environmental Victory Today. The book recounts the dramatic story of World War II Britain, its Ministry of Food, and its millions of citizens who fought for their democracy partly by growing more, wasting less, and sharing scarce foods equitably so that everyone could feed themselves during an emergency and beyond. Highly relevant to today as we fight our battles for healthy environments and a liveable global climate, Mobilize Food! offers strategies for action and hope in our time. It shows that entire populations can remake food systems to be sustainable, healthy, and fair—and that just as people in the past were capable of greatness, so are we.

“A brilliant book that could not be more timely. . . . a strong new tool in the arsenal to fight the climate emergency and more. Read and circulate it.”

—Tara Cullis, President, David Suzuki Foundation

"Eleanor Boyle has performed an immensely valuable service by reminding us of how quickly and dramatically we are capable of changing our relationship to food. . . to be more sustainable."

—Andrew Simms, New Weather Institute; Rapid Transition Alliance, UK

“An inspiring history with an urgent call to re-imagine food and agriculture practices in the present. Chock-full of fascinating wartime history.”

—Seth Klein, Author, A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency

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Eleanor Boyle is a Vancouver, BC-based writer, speaker and activist focusing on how we can eat more sustainably. A long-time college instructor and former journalist, she is also the author of High Steaks: Why and How to Eat Less Meat (New Society 2012).


Eleanor Boyle
Foreword by
Tim Lang

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