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    • Extractive Industry,
    • Corporate Strategy,
    • Sustainability - ESG,
    • Local content - Africa,
    • Shared Value

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Unlocking Our Shared Value
Corporate Sustainability Strategies In the West African Mining Industry
by Robert Ndong

Africa's subsoil is rich in hydrocarbons, precious and base metals, and rare metals that are particularly strategic for the global transition to a low-carbon economy. In this context, the continent's beautiful, serious, and pressing challenge is to ensure that the exploitation of its immense natural resources takes place in compliance with the best international standards in terms of sustainable development and transparent management. Then, the wealth created can contribute to the significant improvement of living conditions for the populations of the host countries, while ensuring the attractiveness and competitiveness vis-à-vis other major mining regions. The mining industry obviously has a central role to play in this dynamic. Balancing the interests of varying stakeholders and shareholders, including those often seen at odds like profitability and environmental and social responsibility, Unlocking Our Shared Value proposes a sustainable vision for the future of the extractives industry in West Africa. Targeted at an audience of corporate professionals and academics, this text thoroughly examines the diverse concerns and factors at play in responsible mining and corporate practice. For corporate executives, operational managers, and sustainability practitioners, this book will provide useful tools, strategies, best practices, and a roadmap to build, strengthen or realign the sustainability journey of their organizations, while helping investors have the whole picture of the risks and opportunities related to sustainability during their investment decisions. Therefore, this work will set a new level of corporate sustainability strategies within the extractive sector in West Africa and around the world.

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Robert Ndong was born and raised in Kaolack, Senegal. He defines himself as a citizen of the world who strongly believes that sustainability is good business. His area of focus is helping organizations embedding sustainability strategies in their core business to create shared value, improve risks management, gain and maintain license to operate and competitive advantage. He has nearly 15 years of international professional experience from entry to corporate sustainability manager levels (Canada, West Africa, Central Africa, USA, and Europe), notably in the mining and metals, climate change and carbon finance, renewables energies, agroforestry, and rural development sectors. Robert holds a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences (Dakar, Senegal), a degree in Agricultural Engineering and a master's degree in Ecology (Toulouse, France), a master’s degree in Environmental Management (University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada), a certificate in Corporate Sustainability (University of New-York Stern, USA). He is currently completing an MBA in International Mineral Resources Management (University of Dundee, UK).


Robert Ndong

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