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The Superhero Role Playing Game
by Jack Matchette and Chad Matchette

Channel your inner hero with this exciting, new superhero role-playing game! LEGENDS introduces you to the world of New Olympus, where you can create your own unique hero to take you through the trials and tribulations necessary to become a true Legend. With 100 customizable Powers and over 650 Abilities and Enhancements to choose from, players young and old will find countless ways to create, experience, and enjoy, while fighting crime and keeping villains in line!

This detailed rulebook covers character creation, game mechanics, the New Olympus campaign setting, and so much more. Immerse yourself in the world of LEGENDS and bring your biggest superhero dreams to life!

LEGENDS is a Superhero Roleplaying Game created by Jack and Chad Matchette. It’s the first game their company Matchplay Games has produced and they’re super excited to share it with you! Check out their website for more details, and to learn more about LEGENDS, and future projects:


Jack Matchette
Chad Matchette

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