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Brothers, Family, Dylan Cooper, Jasmine, Small town, Series, First love

The Cooper Brothers
In the Beginning
by Jodi Royer

When the mysterious new boy in town shows up at Jasmine’s baseball game, she is immediately intrigued. Dylan is kind and handsome, and he drives a gorgeous car. But there’s something strange about his relationship with his brothers, Kevin and Kyle.

Witnessing a violent altercation between Dylan and Kevin is Jasmine’s first clue that something is very wrong. As she gets to know the brothers, she discovers that the family is hiding a dark secret. The question is, whose secret is it?

Jodi Royer has always loved telling stories. She first started writing The Cooper Brothers when she was fifteen years old. As she and the story grew and changed, the authentic teenage experience remained, giving the story its heart. The first book of the series, The Cooper Brothers: In the Beginning, is her debut novel.

Jodi lives in Brantford, Ontario, with her husband, son, and best friend. She is currently expecting her second child.


Jodi Royer
Jess Carpenter
Dianne Griffin

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