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My Travel Notes
by Thomas Wu and Thomas Wu

Author experienced many world wonders including, - Uygur Underground Rivers - Tibetan Reincarnation - Inca Civilization - African Apartheid - Wuhan City Tour This collection of travel notes from across the world, collected over a span of ten years, sheds light on the history and culture of each place the author visits in his travels. My Travel Notes is a keen reference book for those who want insight and information on cities in China, Russia, North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, and Australia. Follow along with Wu’s travels as he explores these cities, countries, and the relationship between the modern and the historical. Full of colorful pictures and first-hand insights, this book is sure to provide travelers with a new perspective. From the Cathedral of St. Bail the Blessed, the fishing villages of New England, and the English Channel all the way to Machu Picchu and Ankara, Wu delights with rich historical notes, interconnected history, and the animals and plants native to each region.

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Thomas Wu is an environmental chemist with an interest in ecology and geology. Wu and his parents moved to Hong Kong after the Chinese Communists took over mainland China. From there they moved to Taiwan, where he lived until college. He worked hard to attain his American dream, which included the freedom to travel the world. With a keen interest in civilization, he was extremely excited to learn about the struggles and achievements of human communities across the world. He hopes the travel notes that came out of those journeys will spark his readers’ own desires to see this amazing world of ours. Wu lives in Potomac, Maryland, U.S.A., with his wife. Their children are all grown up, and live in various cities across the U.S.


Thomas Wu
Thomas Wu

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