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This Is My Coming Out Poem
by Jax King

Poetry is one of the best instruments for self-expression, and Jax King, a young non-binary author in search of their authentic self, plays that instrument beautifully. This Is My Coming Out Poem is a collection of poetry focused on queer identity, love and heartbreak, personal growth, mental illness, and gender transition—with an emphasis on ideas, rather than imagery. “Maybe sometimes / You have to lose yourself completely / Before you can be found”—from Jax’s poem “Identity.” Rendered in twenty-five poems of varying length, each is evocative of the intelligence, creativity, and humor of the author, as suggested by these titles: “My Depression: The Amazing Rational Parrot” “My Body Is Not My Friend” “Bong Hits and Tinder Swipes” “The Four Rules of Gun Safety” “To the Man Who Works at Jiffy Lube” “A Survival Guide for the College Queer on Winter Break” This book will be of interest to readers of queer literature, aged mid-teen and up. LGBTQ+ folks, young adults, and fellow poets going through a difficult time, navigating the additional stresses of queer youth, perhaps even contemplating suicide, may particularly find themselves reflected in these poems, as they search for their own authentic self.

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Jax King is a twenty-two-year-old non-binary poet who grew up in Montana in the Flathead Valley. They began writing poetry at fourteen as a way to process their experiences as a young queer person, struggling to find their identity, and navigating the ups and downs of young love. As a writer, they have found inspiration in the works of other poets, such as Neil Hilborn, Rudy Francisco, and Dia Davina. Jax recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Minor in History. They are now in the process of transitioning out of college and into adult life with their cat, Orrin, at their side. This Is My Coming Out Poem is their first published book, a project they have been envisioning during their years of growth as a poet and as a person. Poetry has always been their way of making sense of the world around them, using rhyme and rhythm to express thoughts and emotions that felt impossible to convey in casual conversation. While many of the poems in this collection describe experiences that they share with other individuals, the point of Jax’s poetry is not to show both sides of the story, but to portray their authentic feelings and experiences. The collection itself, more so than any individual poem within, is meant to fill in the gaps of their story. Email: Instagram: @jaxkingpoetry


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