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Inspirational, renewal, The value of relationships, belonging, faith, accepting diversity, Love Snacks

Wild Flowers
Longing for Belonging
by William Bertrand and Cynthia Stork

Some gifts are obvious, coming wrapped in glittering paper with colourful bows, but others can be easily overlooked when our hearts and minds are preoccupied by the busyness of life. Friendship, acceptance, love, faith…. All the things that make life truly worth living are gifts to be cherished and accepted wholeheartedly.

For those struggling in life, in poverty, hardship, or mental-health crises, these gifts can make all the difference. With God’s love, aided by those who offer assistance and care to those in need, we can all recognize and be comforted by the sheer joy of belonging.

Wild Flowers: Longing for Belonging is a collection of poems, stories, insights, and songs that showcase our human need for connection and acceptance, as well as the importance of being open to both receiving assistance and offering it to others in need.

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Both William Bertrand and Cynthia Stork have witnessed the transformative power of friendship, acceptance, and belonging first hand. With William finding the strength and faith to overcome the trials of mental illness—with assistance from a number of people and organizations—and move forward with the altruistic spirit of volunteering and brotherhood, and Cynthia a licenced caregiver, and active participant in a number of missionary and philanthropic organizations, the two bonded quickly in friendship and shared purpose.

They hope that this collection will offer inspiration and insight to a world that seems to be spinning out of control, bring to light hidden feelings that stem from loneliness and a longing to belong, and articulate this need for those who simply do not have the words.

Both authors live on their own in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.


William Bertrand
Cynthia Stork

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